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Are You Getting a Wii U?

Illustration for article titled Are You Getting a Wii U?

The Wii U just went on sale this weekend. It's not quite finished—its media features aren't coming until December—and it's an odd little duckling. But look beyond all that, and you see that it's actually, well, good.


But did you buy one, or do you plan to? How high—or low—is it on your holiday wish list? And why?

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Hells no. NO WAY!

Not only that, I will never buy a device that requires physical media again. No blu-ray, no CDs, no 8-track tapes.

My phone and iPad provide great platforms for gaming, and the games are $10 at MOST instead of $50-60. If I really want an in-depth title like, that, I'll download off Steam on my PC.

The Wii was cool in concept but there just were never enough games of quality. Why pay $50 for ten minigames when I could have 50 minigames on my iPad for the same price?