Earlier today, students at California State University, Long Beach were asked to evacuate and/or take shelter after reports that there was an "armed gunman" on campus. People were told to, "lock and blockade doors, close blinds, silence cell phones and remain calm." Scary. Luckily, there wasn't a shooter though. It was just a guy carrying his Samsung Galaxy Phone.

Here's the alert that CSULB students got:

With so many campus shootings happening these days, you can never be too safe. An alert like this should always be taken seriously. But it seemed to be a result of a mix up. There was no gun. There was just a Samsung Galaxy phone. LA Times reporter Andrew Blankstein said:

Phew! Danger evaded. Threat cleared. No word if the phone was a giant Note, the powerful S4 or the tried and true S3, though. But seriously, as folks always say, if you see something, say something. It's better to mistake a phone for a gun than to miss a gun because you thought it was a phone. [@CSULB, @KTLA, @Anblanx]