Art. Suono iPod Sound System Could Probably Catch Dinner

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DWV, the same guys responsible for designing products under the Ferrari brand, are attempting to reinvent the tired old iPod dock with their new Art. Suono Wireless Music Transmission System. Billed as a luxury item (get ready for sticker shock), the Art. Suono allows users to transmit audio from just about any source to a sound system of their choice. It features their proprietary DWC-APHEX circuitry, which claims to restore the harmonics lost in compressed music files as well as an iPod docking station, "Engine Start" button, a "Shift" input signal switch, a concealed input signal jack, and LED indicators. Plus, it looks like a friggin' fishing reel. Can't beat that for $1500. Available in limited quantities starting in October.

David Wiener Ventures Introduces the Art.Suono Wireless, Music Enhancing System with iPod Dock Luxurious Music Transmitter/Receiver Boasts First Consumer Use of APHEX Technology PARK CITY, Utah —(Business Wire)— Sep. 19, 2008 David Wiener Ventures (DWV), an internationally acclaimed design house developing exclusive products under the DWV and Ferrari brands, introduces the Art.Suono Wireless Music Transmission System and iPod Dock. The second offering of the David Wiener Collection (DWC), Art.Suono is a limited edition, luxury product that is iPod-compatible, and both an innovative audio instrument and elegant sculpture. Art.Suono's proprietary wireless transmission technology allows users to transmit ANY audio source — including iPods, computers, CD players, MP3 players and satellite radio — to ANY audio system. It provides the ultimate performance and user experience, offering extreme quality, exceptional construction and a level of detailing rarely found in consumer products. The Art.Suono also incorporates an astounding acoustic technology developed for the recording industry and used by top recording artists and engineers like Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor and Paul McCartney in mastering their albums. Art.Suono's proprietary DWC-APHEX circuitry, developed by APHEX Systems for DWV, and used for the first time in a consumer product, makes recorded music more "alive." It restores the harmonics lost in compressed music files and provides an incredible sense of spaciousness and clarity so each instrument and voice is clear and distinct. At the same time, it optimizes bass frequency response, providing deeper, more resonant bass with the fullness, richness and depth that makes any audio system sound more powerful. A luxury lifestyle product, the Art.Suono is also engagingly practical. Additional features include docking and charging for any model iPod, an "Engine Start" button, a "Shift" input signal switch, a concealed input signal jack, LED indicators, and a convenient volume control. Its five pounds of machined aluminum, carbon fiber accents, and fine detailing make Art.Suono the most sonically exciting compact music transmission system yet created. The included Art.Suono receiver, also in machined aluminum, may be displayed or hidden. Each Art.Suono powers up to two receivers so that multiple music systems may be used in a home or office. The Art.Suono will be available October 2008, exclusively from David Wiener Collection authorized resellers worldwide at a suggested price of $1,499.

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If its not made out of platinum and Bald Eagle leather, its not worth 1500, regardless of its design.