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1. Guerrilla Artist Catapults LEDs into the Air to Bring Stars Back to London
There's one way to approach light pollution.

2. Solar Charger Tweets How Much Energy You're Gathering From The Sun
What could make solar chargers even more interesting? How about if they tweet out how much energy you're gathering so that you can boast to your friends how awesome you are?

3. iPod Turns 10 Years Old, And We Celebrate the Dematerialization of Music
So much has changed in just 10 years.

4. Sun- and Wind-Powered Lifeboat Becomes a Recording Studio
A music studio like no other.

5. MIT's 'Clean Energy Accelerator' is Making Solar Cheaper, Cleaner, More Efficient (Video)
The folks at MIT are hoping to speed up the process with an intriguing new approach to uncovering cheaper and better-working clean energy technologies.


6. New Nanotechnolgy Powered By Your Own Breath
This electric charge is sufficient enough to power tiny electric devices, the kind used in nanotechnology.

7. To Fight Oil Spills, An Open-Source Swarm of Robotic Sailboats (Video)
If their designs were open-source, anyone from Nigeria to Louisiana could adopt them as needed.


8. Gadget and Appliance Energy Use up 600% in 40 Years
Is it possible for the UK to meet its carbon emissions reduction goals by 2020 when gadget use is on the rise?

9. Bheestie Bags Save Your Wet Electronics
These Bheestie Bags promise to be the resource you need to get the wet out.



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