Ask Mythbusters' Adam Savage Anything You Want

Being a genuine, card-carrying mythbuster is just about the best job anyone can hope for. And since most of us probably haven't managed to become one, we've got the next best thing—living vicariously through one. We're lucky enough to have Adam Savage from Mythbusters here to answer all your burning questions.

On the show Adam and his team have tested everything from spreading swine flu to airplane boarding practices to attempting to replicate a water-driven electric stun gun (resulting in one of the worlds largest Tesla coils). Plus, he has one hell of an awesome lab:


Adam will here for an hour starting at 3pm EST to answer all the questions he can manage, so head down to the comments below and get askin'.

Update 4:00pm: Adam has to start wrapping things up, but you can catch more Mythbusters goodness when they go on their Behind the Myths tour this November.

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