Asus AiGuru SV1T Skype Videophone Gets a Touchscreen

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At the price of a netbook ($300), the first-gen Asus videophone was more for those wanting to video Skype without a PC (think Grandparents). But the navigation was fiddly, so they've now made the 7-inch (800x480) display touch-capable.


Asus has also made the interface more icon-based/finger-ready, and improved support for conference calls. We don't know the specs yet, but I'd like to see the first generation's VGA camera and 802.11g upgraded. And if Asus wants to have a shot with this thing, they better look to slash the price by half, too. [Asus]



Seriously, what's taking so long to adopt real and simple videophone setups at home? First, we had a lack of interoperability, with all the services out there.

Now that most of us use Skype and most of us have large LCD TVs and broadband Internet, why can't they just make a small, inexpensive box with an integrated webcam that mounts on top of your TV, and has a simple remote and UI that won't confuse people and be easy to adopt en masse?

So many services in the past that had the right idea with a simple GUI or videoconferencing device wanted to charge a monthly fee (read: Ojo), or it's just way too expensive (read: Creative InPerson).

I guess I'm just searching for something as simple and inexpensive as an Apple TV but with a webcam to Skype. Think the boys at Cupertino could grant this?