Illustration for article titled Asus Designo MS Series LCD Leans on a Donut

Be honest. You're a bit surprised to see such a nice-looking monitor branded with "Asus."

The new Asus Designo MS Series 20-inch to 23.6-inch LCDs are, at least from these renders, a pretty sharp line of monitors. Donning the theme of binary, you'll notice contrasting elements like white/black and 1/0 worked into the design—which manifests most prominently in the 0-like ring stand that supports the 1-like frame. This ring stand allows users to tilt the monitor with the pressure of a single finger.


The performance specs are just as promising, with a 2ms response, 1080P playback (in some models) and 50,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio (standard contrast unspecified). So what do they cost? When will they go on sale? We don't know yet. [ACNewsWire via Fareastgizmos]

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