Asus Eee PC is No Longer Voided by Memory Upgrade

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The Asus Eee PC has been a runaway hit. (Who would have thought that people would want small, cheap laptops?) The only real thing that users have been complaining about is the "warranty void if removed" sticker on the laptop's access panel, saying that users couldn't perform a simple memory installation without giving up their warranties. But today Asus has pulled off the dogs and decided that they won't unduly punish their loyal users who install extra RAM.

ASUS Computer International ("ASUS") recently received feedback from one of its valued customers with questions concerning the purpose of a seal stating, "Warranty Void If Removed" over the access door to the single SODIMM slot on some models of the ASUS Eee PC. ASUS wishes to assure its customers that merely breaking or removing this kind of seal will not void the ASUS Limited Warranty.


They go on...

...ASUS will honor all other terms of its Limited Warranty and that it will not refuse warranty service simply because a customer has either broken a warranty seal, installed non-ASUS components or software, or because the customer's unit has been opened or serviced by a non-ASUS-approved service facility or by the user.

Asus will also be ditching the current sticker for one that will merely "warn users that ASUS will not be responsible for the damage caused by improper hardware change." This is very good news, indeed. [asus via dailytech]


they opened the door for any kind of mod, on that right?

am i mistaken?

Not quite. If you try a mod and it breaks the thing, you're up a brown creek without a paddle. The policy change is going from "any modifications break the warranty" to just "Asus won't repair stuff if you tried to mod the thing and borked it with the mod".

Which models can you upgrade with more RAM? I heard the surf ones have the RAM soldered in.

The 4G and 8G models are all supposed to come with conventional laptop RAM sockets. The 4G Surf and 2G Surf models usually come with soldered RAM, although some people have claimed sockets on the 4G Surf.

Given the minimal price difference between the 4G Surf and 4G models, if you plan to add more memory, just go with the 4G.

XP on this thing has no downside that I've found. It's wonderful!

Other than the part where XP is not designed for screen resolutions below 1024x768, and at very low resolutions will have buttons and text flow off the screen often?

If you're not comfortable with Linux-based systems, or need Windows-based applications, there's not much choice, but there are some Linux operating systems that take less physical space, are more memory-efficient, and are designed for use on interfaces like that of the EEE PC.