Asus Hits Bottom With Sexist Tweet

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Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Asus just posted and then deleted this tweet showing a photo of a model showing a laptop, wearing a tight night dress that accentuates a very good figure: "The rear looks pretty. So does the new Transformer AIO." Get it? GET IT?


Come on, Asus. Grow up. I remember when I was young and stupid and used to joke about Samsung ninja models cladded in tight clothes holding shiny products. Now I'm old and stupid, but those jokes just fall flat.

Or that's what she said. *RIMSHOT* [Twitter]


In my OPINION* its just stupid to alienate potential laptop buyers with this kind of idiotic grade school kind of joke. What this says to me, is that their product has no actual worthwhile features and benefits, just a really bad ad agency. I am in the market for a new laptop, and this just put a big black mark by Asus.

*My personal opinion as a consumer, I dont care if ts a male or female backside, its stupid either way.