Illustration for article titled Asus Nettop Eee B203 PC Getting a Faster, Cheaper CPU

We only just learned about the HDMI upgrade to the Asus Eee Box line with the B204 and B206 models, but there's another update coming in the B203: A Celeron instead of Atom.


Liliputing is reporting via an Italian Eee PC site that the Intel C220 Celeron upgrade is pretty much the only difference between the B203 and the original Eee Box B202. The chip replaces the Intel Atom chip that currently dominates the line.

The rest is pretty standard stuff. It runs Windows XP (Asus "recommends" Vista, cha-ching!), and comes with an 80, 120 or 160GB hard drive. There's also 4 USB ports, a flash card reader, DVI out, Ethernet port and wifi. Pricing wasn't available, but Liliputing expects it to check in slightly lower than the Atom version.

Note: Image is of the original Eee Box. [Asus via via Liliputing]

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