Asus NX90 Polished Aluminum All-in-One Laptop

A strange amalgamation of notebook and all-in-one, we're not exactly certain what we should call the NX90, other than a polished aluminum beast.


The NX90 apparently has two trackpads (one on the right of the keyboard, one built right in to the handrest), the self-proclaimed first polished aluminum finish and even an integrated surround sound bar (that's 10x the size of an average set of laptop speakers).

Power-wise, Asus promises a quad core and "the most powerful" graphics. It "can have" Blu-ray.

From what we can tell, it's got to be at least 17 inches, and with a mirror-like back, it looks even bigger. Folded out, it's definitely a bit more like an all-in-one than a typical laptop.

But the NX90 is just a concept. BOO! (But it would cost about $2499, they added later, as a "pricing concept.")


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