Asus Pegasus Guides You Like a Sexy Stewardess

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We don't have much in terms of details for this Asus PDA phone other than it looks pretty sleek with its brushed metal finish and aluminum borders. The 0.6-inch thick phone runs Windows Mobile (we're guessing smartphone edition), plus has a jog dial and an on-board GPS.


So yes, until the official announcement is thrown out, we're still left wondering how many megapixels the camera is, what version of WM it's running, what kinda CPU it has, and how much it costs.

Pegasus - new PDA Phone from Asus [Unwired View]


I have never loved a product more than my ASUS W3J laptop. I can play WOW on it. It's a 14 inch wide screen and looks better than any MAC in my most humble opinion. The details down to the blue lights and the way the keyboard feels are simply heads above its PC competition.