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ASUS Preparing One Google Tablet, One Windows

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Forbes is reporting in an interview with ASUS' Chairman Jonney Shih that they're preparing their "own iPad rivals," two models which will launch "in the coming months" and run on Google Chrome (or Android) and Windows.

ASUS still hasn't decided between Chrome or Android for their first tablet, but presumably if it's the former choice then it won't be seen on the market until the end of the year when Chrome is launched. Also, with Google working extra-closely with Chrome manufacturers and reportedly mandating minimum specs, they might just find it easier doing something with Android instead. It's not like they're strangers to the Android OS, after all.


What to expect from ASUS' tablets? Well, Shih has said:

"Content will play a very important role on tablets...the Google tablet will have a lot of media."


And thanks to their history of low-cost products, I can't seem them going crazy with the price tag gun either. They might even take a similar approach to their Eee line, launching a bog-standard cheap model first (like the Eee 701), following it up with incremental upgrades until they've got several premium options—a carbon fiber tablet, perhaps? [Forbes]