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Asus Should Never Ever Tweet

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Gadget maker Asus should have learned a lesson from fellow laptop manufacturer Razer: never tweet. The Taiwanese tech giant sent out a tweet yesterday that was so bad on so many levels, it’s amazing it was ever sent in the first place.

The tweet (now deleted) reads, “Attention all men! Who would you rather date? The cute girl with the #cat, or the sophisticated lady with the #ZenBook 3.” This is a bad tweet on a lot of levels.


Let’s start with the “attention all men” part, because obviously all men want to date women. Also, I don’t quite understand why someone would choose to date someone because they had a cat or a laptop. Like, putting the sexism and the heteronormativity aside, this isn’t even clever.


Asus appears to have tweeted this at about 10pm last night on the west coast, by this morning, probably amidst complaints from people who have eyes, Asus deleted the tweet.

And yes, for all the people who will comment on this post. Asus also posted a similarly bad tweet featuring a man. That doesn’t absolve the sexism of the other tweet, at all.


Make no mistake, this is a bad tweet too. And again, why is Asus asking anyone to choose between an adorable kitten and a tiny laptop! The answer is obviously both.