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Asus Wants Android For EeePad

Illustration for article titled Asus Wants Android For EeePad

After confusing the world by saying it would use Windows EC7 as the OS for its upcoming 10.1" EP101TC EeePad, Asus has now seen sense—and stuck Android in the thing instead. Goodbye, familiar bland Microsoft leafy background image.


Nothing has been said about which version of Android the EeePad will ship with, although with the EeePad range currently down for launch in early 2011 anything less than Android 2.2 or higher on this slick puppy simply wouldn't cut it. [Android Community]


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Seriously? I mean, I get it that the various Windows flavors have serious short-comings with respect to touch interfaces (Hello? MS are you listening?). That having been said, there are a significant number of business users that want a tablet that is a reasonable adjunct and/or replacement for a laptop. That means something that can run productivity apps (Office, CRM, etc...), can mount external drives, can do remote desktop and/or VPN, etc. While all of this possible on non-Windows platforms, the only direct path for most of this is.... (wait for it) Windows.

So... please, can someone come up with a productivity tool, not just another e-reader, mp3 player, movie watching device? Pretty please? With sugar on top? :-(