ASUSTeK and RealTek Collaborate on Wireless USB Monitors

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Wireless monitors are in their infancy now, but ASUS and Realtek are teaming up to make a new product series based on Wireless USB. The monitor has an integrated Wireless USB module from Realtek—a technology that's also just barely making it mainstream—and will be able to pair with a Wireless USB Host Wire Adapter or Wireless Host Controller Interface that's plugged into your PC. Unless you really, really need a wireless monitor, hold out until reviews come in to see if it's worth your money. [Yahoo]



Can anyone tell me what possible practical application a wireless desktop display has? How often are you going to be moving the system that the cable will be getting in the way. The Great Aussie Evil pretty much sums it up for me. Batteries are crap, and if there's a power cord it's pointless.

I feel ornery for some reason, so I'm going to pick on this stupid display.

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