Sure, Peggy Carter has been kicking ass and taking names since The First Avenger, but it’s taken her getting a TV show of her own to finally get some merchandise. Some of you may be displeased that it’s another Funko Pop toy, but for now, I’m going to take all the miniature Hayley Atwells I can get.

Yes, the latest in Funko’s ever-expanding army of black eyed plastic legions is none other than Agent Carter herself, clad in her Carmen-Sandiego-as-hell suit and fedora. Sadly she doesn’t come packing a pistol as she usually does, but instead has a teeny version of the Blitzkreig Bomb from the show nestled in one hand. Like all other Marvel Funko Pops, Ms. Carter is a bobblehead, so you can shake her head around while asking it inane questions (“Is Peggy Carter the best?” *shake bobblehead in agreement* “Is it stupid as hell that Agent Carter hasn’t aired in the UK yet?” *shake bobblehead furiously in agreement*) like small child.


But as slightly disappointed that I am that our first snifter of Agent Carter merch isn’t a “proper” action figure that can sit alongside the oodles already on my desk, I remain optimistic. I mean, the fact that they’re actually making some toys for Peggy is a welcome first step. I just hope there’s more in the future! Tell me you wouldn’t buy a Peggy Carter with a judo chop “smash the patriarchy” action feature. Actually, don’t, because I will not tolerate such miserable thoughts.

Agent Carter will infilitrate store shelves this August, for around $10.

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