AT&T Confirms First Dibs on BlackBerry Bold

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AT&T told our friend Sascha at PC Mag that it would be the first carrier to sell the new BlackBerry Bold. Others may very well follow this year, and judging from the fact that the hardware specs include room for T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon, they most certainly will. AT&T also said that it's got exclusivity on international 3G usage—Sprint/Verizon's EV-DO isn't as universal as AT&T's HSDPA—and the ability to use the BB in Japan and South Korea. [Gearlog]



gotta give AT&T props for their new and updated phones lately. they know how to draw in a customer. I am really starting to despise VZ even though their network is good but their phone selection sucks!


you might wanna try e-mailing vs texting.