David W. Dorman, the former CEO of AT&T who tore the company down to its core business, has been named Chairman of Motorola. It's a non-executive position, but knowing the state of the beleaguered company (I've always wanted to write "beleaguered") and what he did at AT&T, he may bring a large, razor-sharp ax with him.


Dorman took over as CEO of AT&T from Mike Armstrong—who remained Chairman of the company. He then re-organized AT&T into four divisions. One of them was AT&T Wireless, which became Cingular (and lately, AT&T again.) Another one was AT&T Broadband, which was later sold to Comcast (his pal Armstrong left AT&T to become CEO of Comcast then.) Given that story, it will be interesting to see what influence he has in the current survival race at Motorola. [CNN Money —thanks Andy]