AT&T Executive Hints at MacBook With 3G

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It's no secret AT&T wants its 3G inside everything. But talking to Fortune about the future of netbooks and 3G, AT&T Emerging Devices president Glenn Lurie hints that they're cooking up something Apple-flavored.

The conversation is all about netbooks and other gadgets as the next big 3G game for AT&T. After discussing the success of selling the Acer Aspire One for $100 with an AT&T data contract, Lurie oh-so-casually namedrops interim Apple CEO Tim Cook, and the fact he had a meeting with him a few minutes before talking to Fortune.


Asked if AT&T will ever sell a subsidized MacBook, Lurie replies: "We're having conversations with lots of folks...I would very much like to do more business with Apple, and hope that we do." Cagey response because there's nothing happening? Or because there IS? Would Apple tie itself to AT&T all over again? Maybe it would look like what Verizon's doing with the Vaio P. HMM. [Fortune]

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Wouldn't it be easier just to have a USB 3G card rather than just internalalerialize everything?