Well surprise... no surprise? AT&T has officially filed in court to counter the Department of Justice's suit to stop the AT&T-T-Mobile merger. Their contention is that the government just doesn't understand what real competition is.


The Justice Department is, understandably, up in arms against the deal because it stands to stifle competition between carriers and slow innovation. AT&T disagree, since competing with T-Mobile was never a fair fight anyway. Ouch. T-Mo's been losing money in recent yeats, and isn't in a position to innovate. Meanwhile, AT&T's... been losing money, too, despite billions spent to grow out their infrastructure. But buying T-Mobile will allow them to provide better service, create more jobs, yada yada everything they've said before so they can skirt their inevitable network apocalypse.

Truthfully, AT&T has no choice but to fight and they know it. A lot of money is riding on this deal. Backing down was never an option. [AP]