AT&T Is Increasing Prices For Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plans, Still a Great Deal

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Oh no! AT&T is raising the price of grandfathered unlimited data plans to thirty-five whole dollars. Stop whining: it’s still a fantastic deal for anyone fortunate to have it.

Starting February 2016, anyone with a grandfathered unlimited data plan will have to pay $35 a month, up from $30. For the record, AT&T’s plan has been around for seven years with no price change—meaning if you account for inflation, the plan is now very nearly the same price as it was when the iPhone 3G came out.

Other than the price hike, the deal is still the same: you’ll have to buy talk and text separately, and the 22GB threshold where you’ll be throttled remains unchanged. But hey, it could be worse: T-Mobile and Verizon have recently hiked the price for their own unlimited plans, by $15 and $20 respectively.


If you’re the owner of a AT&T unlimited data plan and this move is SHOCKING and OUTRAGEOUS to you, you’ve got 60 days to cancel your account with no early termination fee. Or, y’know, send your SIM card to me.