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AT&T Posts Record Numbers, but iPad Activations Lagging

So, completely unsurprisingly, AT&T pulled a ton of revenue last quarter—$31.4 billion. Chalk that up in part to the 4.1 million iPhones they activated. But don't chalk it up to the paltry 442,000 tablets switched on.

The 442,000 figure includes both iPads and Android tabs—and since we figure the latter has been relatively negligible in the US (compared to the former), this represents a pretty staggering split between those opting away from Apple's 3G model in favor of Wi-Fi only. Apple sold 7 million iPads last quarter. That's an international number, but even if you take a fraction of that, an even large part of 442,000 is on the meager side. [AT&T]


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That's because people aren't idiots.

If the device doesn't *require* a data plan, what percentage of buyers do AT&T and Apple expect to pay for it on top of their existing home internet service and other mobile phone data plan(s)?

$15 for 200MB/month...

$25 for 2GB/month...

$20 more for "tethering"...

*NOT* being able to share data access plans amongst devices even though you're being billed by total-monthly-usage...

It never ceases to amaze me the staggering amount of highway-robbery that the FCC let's US mobile service providers get away *with.

*Yeah, I ended my sentence with a preposition, alight?