AT&T Says Free Wi-Fi for iPhones Will Come... Someday

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All AT&T's flip-flopping between offering free wireless at Starbucks and then taking it away—turns out it was some peon screwing up after all. An spokesperson for the company told the New York Times that the confusion was due to a "human error." But the day when iPhone users can definitively access the internet while sipping on frappuccinos will come, the PR flack assures, AT&T is just refusing to say when. Oh, come off it, AT&T. The cat's out of the bag already, you might as well roll out the service now. I'm sure there will be plenty of secrets you can accidentally release before deadline in the future. [New York Times]



Glupidio VanHosen

I've been using the AT&T service in Starbucks for a couple days now in Austin, and it works great on the iPhone. In fact the login page looks like it was specically designed for it.

I'm just using my u-verse login for free access until they officially support the iPhone. I don't think it will be long now.