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Atari Belt Buckle: Insert Your Favorite Joystick Joke Here

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We told you about the NESBuckle a year or so ago, in which we lamented the ruin of a perfectly good NES controller to be used as a belt buckle. But fine, it did look kinda cool, if you're into retro geek chic. However, now NESBuckle has taken it too far: They've expanded their belt buckle line to include perfectly good game controllers from SNES, Genesis, and yes, the Atari (pictured here).

Look at it. It's obscene. Even NESBuckle says it should never have been made into a belt, but they did it anyway just for that reason. Plus imagine the many Atari systems that will go unused because someone took the controller just to make a belt buckle.


However, we still think you should totally get this. If, you know, you want to be ridiculed. Or be a hit with the ladies.

The controller buckle itself costs $50, and a belt and buckle combo costs $65.

NES Belt Buckle


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