Athlete Tweets About His Love for the Galaxy S4 from an iPhone

David Ferrer, the 4th ranked tennis player in the world right now (which probably makes him the best tennis player you never heard of), made a silly unforced error off the tennis court today: he tweeted about how happy he is with his new Samsung Galaxy S4 from... his iPhone. Whoops!

Like how BlackBerry spokesperson Alicia Keys got caught using an iPhone, Ferrer made the same embarrassing mistake of shilling for a company while actually using its competitor's device. The offending tweet, which was obviously supposed to be an advertisement to his followers, said:


That translates to: I'm happy with my new Galaxy S4, setting up S Health on my Galaxy S4 to help me with my training.

Hey look Ferrer's followers, he's actually using all those crazy features of the S4! Only totally not, as that tweet came from his iPhone. The tweet from the iPhone, which was spotted by Jaime Novoa, was promptly deleted and replaced with the same tweet but from a different device (no guarantee it was the Samsung Galaxy S4).

It's not a good look for Samsung when it's paying athletes to use the S4 and yet those sponsored athletes continue to use their iPhones. [Jaime Novoa via TUAW]


Image Credit: AP

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