ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3800 Is Triple Awesomer, With CrossFireX and XGP External Graphics Box

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AMD's not letting Nvidia have all the graphics card fun at Computex this week, with some big ATI launches of their own. The Mobility Radeon HD 3800 is their new top-of-the-line notebook graphics card, with supposedly 3x the performance of the last gen. A part of the Puma platform, it brings performance/power balance features, as well as CrossFireX to notebooks, and is so far the only mobile GPU supporting DirectX 10.1 (Nvidia says it ain't no thang). Finally, it's the first ATI card to roll with XGP, basically a honkin' externally powered and cooled graphics card in a box when you wanna toss steroids at your notebook (and have the outlets to do so).

AMD Announces its Highest-performance Mobile Graphics Chip Ever for HD Visual Computing on the Go

- ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 3800 series outperforms previous generation ATI Mobility Radeon™ GPUs by 3X for amazing power management and eye-catching graphics1-

Computex, TAIPEI, Taiwan — June 4, 2008 —AMD (NYSE: AMD) today announced the ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 3800, tripling top-of-the line graphics performance in comparison to the previous generation ATI Mobility Radeon™ GPUs1. Joining the previously announced ATI Mobility Radeon™ 3000 family, the new ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3800 series offers notebook manufacturers the ability to deliver fast graphics performance, energy-efficient 55nm graphics processor technology, amazing video playback, and, for the first time ever, ATI CrossFireX™ technology for a mobile graphics solution. ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3800 series coupled with the AMD Turion™ X2 Ultra Processors, the AMD 7-Series Chipset, and industry-leading wireless technologies like 802.11n Draft 2.0 form the next-generation AMD notebook platform, also announced today, for the ultimate in HD visual performance on the go.

Notebooks equipped with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3800 series allow users to experience the power of HD with graphics processing designed for work and play to satisfy the needs of the most demanding graphics professionals on the go. 2

"The ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3800 is the most feature-rich notebook graphics solution we have ever produced," said Matt Skynner, vice president of marketing, Graphics Products Group, AMD. "It's an ‘uber-performance' chip that beats all comers. Our notebook manufacturing customers now have the ability to create the ultimate in notebook solutions that feature amazing energy efficiency coupled with next-generation, unsurpassed mobile graphics technologies."

As the only high-performance mobile graphics solution capable of supporting applications created using Microsoft® DirectX® 10.11, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3800 series offers superb HD game performance and life-like realism for The Ultimate Visual Experience™. New PCI Express® 2.0 support enables fast throughput and superior overall system performance — ideal for high-performance gamers. Notebooks with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3800 series will allow users to enjoy the latest Blu-ray movies in full-HD 1080p resolution2 and free the CPU for other tasks. The ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3800 series also provides break-through energy efficiency with improved performance-per-watt to deliver exceptional battery life.

The ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3800 features a variety of new technologies designed to improve overall notebook performance:

* The Ultimate Visual Experience™ is enabled with next generation Unified Shader Architecture, immense processing power and a 256-bit GDDR3 memory interface. The ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3800 series delivers feature-rich graphics for astonishing image quality and optimal 3D modeling application performance.

* ATI CrossFireX technology for mobile graphics delivers high-performance PC gaming by combining multiple ATI Radeon™ graphics in a single notebook PC to increase graphics quality and performance. ATI CrossFireX is designed to the latest industry-standards for notebooks today.

* PCI Express 2.0 offers more than enough horsepower for the most demanding professional graphics applications by boosting 3D graphics performance while providing fast throughput resulting in an excellent overall system performance.

* ATI Avivo™ HD Technology is the high-performance engine for advanced image and video technology, while freeing the CPU from compute-intensive video decoding tasks. ATI Avivo™ HD Technology delivers smooth full HD format video playback and photo editing with brilliant colors and sharp images, ideal for professionals demanding the next level of display technology excellence. 2

* Energy-efficient 55nm graphics processor technology helps extend battery life and conserve energy.

* ATI PowerPlay™ technology dynamically delivers the optimal balance between performance and power to suit performance requirements for long battery life and superior performance-per-watt operation.

* Breakthrough Performance-per-watt is critical to users who demand exceptional performance and power saving features that help lower power consumption.

* New design size implementation allows the chip to run cool, producing less heat so that notebook delivers the power, performance and efficiency users crave.


And for the XGP:

AMD Announces Revolutionary External Graphics Solution for Notebooks

Portable ATI XGP™ Technology unlocks notebooks for enthusiast-class desktop graphics performance and true multimedia upgradeability

Computex, TAIPEI — June 4, 2008 —AMD (NYSE:AMD) today announced ATI XGP™ (External Graphics Platform) Technology, a new external PCI Express® (PCIe) 2.0 graphics platform, designed to deliver enthusiast-class desktop graphic performance and true multimedia upgradeability to notebooks1. ATI XGP is an exclusive technology that capitalizes on PCIe 2.0 to deliver enthusiast-class graphics via a connected cable to an externally powered and cooled device. This unique innovation delivers up to 4.0 Gbyte/s in each direction in bandwidth communication between the notebook and external graphics, whereas previous consumer level external solutions were limited in graphics bandwidth2. ATI XGP is fully optimized for new AMD Turion™ X2 Ultra notebook platforms, also announced today.

ATI XGP Technology is being first launched with the newly announced ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 3800 series for eye-catching HD graphics. As an industry first for notebooks, ATI XGP Technology delivers multi-GPU capabilities of scalable performance with ATI CrossFireX™ technology. The additional high bandwidth of the included USB 2.0 connectivity allows users to connect to a wide variety of USB-based devices, including external TV tuners, external Blu-ray players, and much more.

"With ATI XGP Technology, notebooks can switch between everyday computing and hard-core gaming with a simple plug-in that's also portable enough to bring powerful 3D performance on-the-go," said Matt Skynner, vice president of Marketing, Graphics Products Group, AMD. "This technology allows users to choose notebooks with slim, lightweight and elegant designs, yet enjoy the full performance of a traditional desktop gaming rig wherever it's convenient."

Björn Fehrm, head of Strategy and Innovation Consumer, EMEA, Fujitsu-Siemens Corp., said: "Powered by ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 3870 in an external AMILO GraphicsBooster, the ultra mobile AMILO Sa 3650, with ATI XPG technology, takes on two very different but equally compelling personalities. Use it for your daily computing with the internal graphics for outstanding mobility and battery life. Dock it to your AMILO GraphicsBooster when coming home, in a hotel room or at a LAN event and now your gaming and multimedia performance is in another world."

ATI XGP Technology is contained in an external chassis connected to the notebook via a specially designed self-latching, easy-connecting PCIe 2.0 cable from Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Limited, a leading provider of electronic devices and connectors. Based on AMD's dedicated research and development, the cable also provides USB 2.0 connectivity directly to the notebook allowing for additional USB functionality. Independently cooled and powered, ATI XGP Technology offers the potential for higher performance than traditional entry-level graphics solutions. Notebook users can take advantage of the varied usage scenarios including multiple monitor support, high performance gaming, Blu-ray video playback, and increased graphics performance for video editing3.

"ATI XGP Technology is cutting edge and we're excited to participate in this revolutionary solution for notebooks," said Mark Saubert, marketing manager, Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Limited. "ATI XGP Technology redefines what mobile graphics is all about."

The initial offering of ATI XGP Technology features the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3800 series graphics solution giving notebook users a variety of additional functionality:

* PCI Express® 2.0 offers more than enough horsepower for the most demanding professional graphics applications by boosting 3D graphics performance while providing fast throughput resulting in an excellent overall system performance

* ATI Avivo™ HD Technology that delivers smooth video playback and photos in high-definition format with brilliant colors and sharp images

* ATI Avivo HD technology features an enhanced version of AMD's Unified Video Decoder (UVD) offering full hardware acceleration of video decode for smooth playback of full 1080p content from Blu-ray movies4

* Integrated Digital Outputs enable viewing standard and high-definition content on a variety of devices including HDMI with integrated audio and DVI5

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