Atlas Is Done Taking Your Bullshit In The Best Terminator Mash-Up GIF Yet

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Ever since Boston Dynamics released new video of the Atlas robot getting bullied with a hockey stick, people have been making mash-ups about the robot uprising. But I think Imgur user exgexg has made the best one yet.

I won’t spoil the whole GIF for you. The shot above is just a sample. But you can guess where this one is going. Sarah Connor knows something about the latest version of Atlas that the rest of humanity clearly doesn’t. You can watch the full (100 meg!) GIF over at Imgur.

It’s pure dystopian pathos, mashing together the fears of the Terminator franchise, with the very real humanoid robots that are now becoming shockingly agile.


There are plenty of other gifs out there, but this person has won. So far. I doubt this is the last we’ll see of Atlas. Either way, he’s done taking your shit. Can you blame him?



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