Audi Type C Roadster, Pedal Car for Richie Rich Kids

If you're looking to spoil your kid rotten, here's a $13,300 replica of an Audi Auto Union Type C roadster, a perfect 1:2 scale copy of the classic Grand Prix race car. Your kid will be relatively safe inside, too, because there is no engine—it's a car that only goes fast as the little tyke can pump its pedals. This is not just any stupid kiddy car, though, it's built to the same standards of a fine full-sized automobile. One more beauty shot, after the jump.


Made of more than 900 individual parts, it has dual disc brakes, seven gears and the body is made of aluminum. The interior is so rich, it uses the same leather the company puts in its Audi TT sports cars. It's going to be built in a limited run of 999 cars, so you'd better hurry up and get one for that brat kid of yours, either that or don't let him see it or he'll threaten to burn the house down if you don't buy it for him. [Classic Rallies, via The German Car Blog]

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