Audman Case Is Another Attempt To Turn the iPhone Into a Retro Walkman

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Cassette tapes may have gone the way of the Dodo, but Sony's iconic Walkman has still inspired countless iPhone case designs, including the Audman which goes one step further with working analog style playback buttons and volume control.

Not impressed with most retro case offerings, Dean Ekkaia and Sean Solberg created the Audman which is more than just a visual tribute to Sony's Walkman. It opens like a cassette player, letting you insert your iPhone which actually docks to the case allowing a set of analog-style buttons on the outside to control music playback and volume.


The case also includes a built-in battery, charging the iPhone and powering a set of integrated stereo speakers, while a couple of headphone jacks also allow you to privately share your music with others. An accompanying app even turns your iPhone's visible display into a faux cassette tape, and also lets you create mixtapes which was one of the hallmark uses for the original Walkman. Sadly, the Audman is only a Kickstarter project at this point, hoping to raise $42,000 in the next twenty-eight days to become a reality, with a suggested pledge of $125 to secure your own. [Kickstarter via PCWorld]