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AUO Curved Displays, Ultra Thin LCDs On The Way

Illustration for article titled AUO Curved Displays, Ultra Thin LCDs On The Way

At SID 2008 this week AUO announced the launch of curved displays, LCD panels that are just over a half millimeter thick and TFT multi-touch panels. The curved displays are said to be the first built on glass substrate (honestly, that's way over my head, but I'm sure a few of you will care). Because the display has a curve radius of 100mm, it requires a special thinning technology. But mostly, I like this thing because it just looks cool.


AUO will also release a superthin, 1.9" TFT display that is .63 mm thick, while the 8" multi-touch TFT panels that veer away from the trend of multi-touch glass panels. Can you say handheld tablet UMPCs? [InfoSyncWorld]

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