Nebula-nominated author Linda Nagata is here to answer questions!

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Linda Nagata is the author of near-future military thriller The Red: First Light, which was recently shortlisted for a Nebula Award. It's the first self-published novel to ever be nominated. She's here today to answer your questions!


In addition to The Red: First Light, Nagata is also the author of multiple other novels, including The Bohr Maker, which was the winner of the Locus Award for best first novel , and her novella "Goddesses," which was the first online publication to receive a Nebula Award. She's based in Hawaii where she's also a programmer of database-driven websites and, lately, an independent publisher.

She'll be joining us from 12 -1:00 pm (Pacific time), so start asking her your questions now about her novels, writing about the future, and the perks of self-publishing.

Image: Digital painting by Dallas Nagata White from The Red: First Light / copyright Mythic Island Press LLC.


Charlie Jane Anders

You've gone back and forth between science fiction and fantasy — what have you learned about the differences between them by writing both?

Also, is science fiction currently more suited to self-publishing than fantasy, in the wake of so many self-published SF successes? Is there a more ready audience for SF than fantasy on Amazon and elsewhere?