Autobot and Decepticon Pillows

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Following up on the soft Transformers plushies from the other day, these Autobot and Decepticon pillows bring the movie straight to your couch. They're shaped like the actual Autobot/Decepticon badge symbols, which means they don't actually change shapes like the actual Transformers.

They're $22 each, so you'll have to watch that drool unless you want Megatron to end up smelling like one of the Dinobots after they came up out of a landfill. Or, we suppose, Landfill himself.


Autobots [Big Bad Toy Store]

Decepticons [Big Bad Toy Store]

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Even Michael Bay admits the movie is horrible.. there is an interview w/him in this months Details magazine, and after watching the first cut, he thought it was the worst movie he's ever made, but then after they showed it to test audiences, they thought it was the best movie ever. Who do we believe??