Avatar 2 Is Done Filming—For This Year, That Is

Avatar happened. Remember that?
Avatar happened. Remember that?
Image: 20th Century Fox

How long have they been making Avatar 2? I feel like I have been hearing cryptic updates on this film for half of my mortal life, like whispers from seers about the return of King Arthur or something. And this time, it continues—but with pictures, for once! Or, well, a picture.


The official Avatar Twitter recently posted an image celebrating the “last day of live-action filming in 2019". The image, representing one of the only official glimpses of the film released, isn’t hugely informative, though it clearly features boats and tanks of water in meticulously constructed rigs, reinforcing prior reports that the film is fairly aquatic in nature. There aren’t any actors present that can be recognized or speculated about. Just lots and lots of technology.

The fact that the film is done with live-action shooting for the year isn’t exactly informative, however, considering how much of the film is going to be CGI, and how much of both live-action and CGI could still be left unfinished. Avatar 2 is reportedly slated to release December 18, 2021. So we’ve only got two more years of this. Unless it gets delayed again. 

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