Avengers: Age Of Skynet! Or Age Of Johnny 5? The Best Trailer Mashups

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Last week, we asked you to send us your favorite Avengers 2 trailer remixes and mash-ups. And the response was pretty awesome. Not suprisingly, there were a lot of Ultron/Terminator mash-ups, but also a beautiful Short Circuit/Age of Ultron combo. Here are our favorite Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer remixes!

Avengers/Terminator Mashup by Micah


Tony Stark, Inventor of Skynet, also by Micah

Spider-Man in Avengers: Age of Ultron by 4TheMarauders

Johnny Five Disassembles The Avengers by Dr. Grim Skull

Avengers: Age of Batman by Bilal Abdulla

And my favorite... Avengers Meets Superbook the Animated Bible Series, by JuanLove