Behind the scenes video shows how 7 scenes are filmed in 1 take

Johnnie Walker has a pretty neat commercial on air these days that covers 7 different backgrounds in just one long take. It’s a well choreographed and perfectly timed spot, a man is at a bar and starts walking. As he moves along, the scenery changes along with him to give him a wild journey until he’s back at the bar.


But as fun as the ad is, it’s much more interesting to see how the commercial was filmed. In the behind the scenes footage below, you can see the moving stage and various cameras at work and other sprinkles of movie magic in action. Watch it:

And the full ad spot is here:

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Can someone who knows more about film explain to me why the moving stage would be easier than just having the camera roll along side a normal, non-moving stage? Was it to achieve the running bit? The slow-mo jump thing? I have to think building an entire stage that not only has so many parts, but also moves would be more difficult, so was there a reason to do it they way they did, or did they just want another aspect to show off how clever the whole thing is?