Axon Anti-Gravity RC Racer Hovers Past the Competition at 50 MPH

The problem with wheels is that contact with the ground generates drag. So, a simple solution would be to develop an anti-gravity car. No sweat-one already exists. Sure it's only a few inches tall but hey, this thing could give your action figures the ride of their tiny plastic lives. Thanks to dual ducted fans and a brushless motor, the Axon can hover above the ground and hit speeds of 25 mph almost instantly-and a dual brushless motor upgrade will bring it up to 50 mph.

The car is also damn near indestructible with a body made out of lexan polycarbonate resin thermoplastic on a polyethylene foam base. The resin was used by NASA for the visors on the helmets of Apollo astronauts and it is the same stuff that is currently used in modern day race cars. If the video above is any indicator, you are going to need every inch of that material to protect your $250 investment. The Axon will be available starting in September. [Axon via Techpin via DVICE]


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