B&W Liberty Is First 8-Channel Wireless System

Illustration for article titled BW Liberty Is First 8-Channel Wireless System

The Bowers and Wilkins Liberty claims to be the world's first wireless entertainment system to offer 8 channels of audio—full 5.1 and an extra 2 channels for wherever the hell you want. But even more promising, maybe, is that while streaming your CD or DVD audio to its bundled speakers the Liberty will automatically adjust to wireless interference, tweaking its transmission on the fly for less delay and greater clarity. Given that wireless audio is far from perfected, B&W's approach could be more successful than that of others. Check it out this fall for an unnamed price. [audioholics via audiojunkies]


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If the laws of math serve me correctly, then 5.1 + 2 = 7.1 channels. Nice stretch there marketing team.