Back to the (Lame) Future

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Click to viewWe've still got a few years until when Back to the Future II takes place, but it feels like we've got way too much ground to make by then, doesn't it? Poor Doc and Marty.

The good news is, this Landline TV video may not be as bleak as it seems! I'm sure Nike's hard at work with those self-lacing shoe patents, and we've got a flying car that's pretty darn close to ready. Someone even built a working hoverboard. So cheer up guys! [Thanks, Susan!]

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We aren't doing that bad, take a look at this check list:

1. Hoverboard: Nope. At least we have Segway?

2. Personal Video Goggles: Done. iPod + MyVu.

3. Video Chat: Done. Skype. And not just on a TV screen but your phone.

4. Food Rehydrator: Somewhat. There's microwave and pressure cooker. Not as fast and magical, but still very fast.

5. Window shade flat screen: Coming soon with current advances in graphene.

6. Flying cars: Nope. Funny we even go back to bikes. Electric car, self-driving cars are just as good though!

7. Holograms: Coming soon. For now, we have pico projectors and 3-D movies.

8. Self-lacing shoes: Done. Find that on Instructables. It's just a matter of time it will be commercialized.

9. Auto drying jacket: Soon. With nanotechnology, fabric can be made more slippery against water.

10. Barcode license plate: Done. Instead of literally printed plates, we have RFIDs on EZPass.

11. Fruit dispenser: Done. In Japan.

12. Holobillboards: Somewhat. Instead we got super-hi-def video billboards, which is just as good.

13. Hovercam: Done. Check out AR.Drone.

14. Mr. Fusion: Done. Check out Bloomenergy.

15. Multi-channel video screen with 300 channels: Done.

16. Portable thumb units for collecting donations: Done. There's PayPal, Square and Visa PayPass.

17. Rejuvenation clinic: Not any time soon unless they let scientists do stem cell research.

18. Thumb pad door entry: Done.

The only ones left to solve require anti-gravity technologies and stem cell research. But for what we have achieved so far, I'd say we are pretty close to BttF's 2015 future.