Bacteria Battling Water Bottle Uses a UV Blasting Cap

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Camelbak's best known for its water-filled backpacks, but instead of focusing on just hydration, the company's new All Clear bottle incorporates a bacteria eliminating ultraviolet cap for those times when you have to fill up from a non-filtered source.


Instead of replaceable filters or chemical additives, to purify 25 ounces of water all you have to do is fill the bottle, securely attach the cap, turn on the ultraviolet lamp and then shake it for 60 seconds. The process is claimed to kill 99.9999 percent of bacteria, 99.99 percent of viruses, and 99.9 percent of protozoic organisms.

Just keep in mind the $100 bottle is being positioned for recreational use instead of hardcore survival. You should be fine when filling it up from a lake or a stream, but dirtier and stagnant sources of water will probably require a more complicated purification process to remove sediments and other harmful things that could make you wish you had just stayed thirsty. [Camelbak via Gizmag]



You know, at some time, throughout the day, you're going to put a few bacteria into your body, whether you like it or not, and those bacteria are going to multiply, and your body will not be affected in any way. There's more bacteria living on your fingertips that will eventually touch a potato chip that goes into your mouth. This is simply OCD, at this point.