Ballmer, the Evil Cylon, Finally Revealed

Illustration for article titled Ballmer, the Evil Cylon, Finally Revealed

Boing Boing Gadgets discovered the best way to tell whether you're talking to real Ballmer or his (slightly more) evil Cylon clone in their neat RROD photoshop. It's in the eyes. [BBG]


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Can we take a sample of Ballmer's blood and use the cylon healing properties to fix Steve Jobs?

Ballmer being a cylon is good news since, with the inability for Ballmer and his manufactured minions in Redmond to resurrect, they will need to make a deal with Apple to combine forces and go after the true evil in the universe: Phillips Sonicare Toothbrush. That sucker is so refreshing and cleans your teeth so well, there is no question that it is the greatest technology breakthrough in the past two hundred years. As soon as they add WiFi to it, that thing will totally kill off the iPhone.