Ballplayer's Eyesight Is On The Ball, Thanks to Flash Focus and a DS

Illustration for article titled Ballplayers Eyesight Is On The Ball, Thanks to Flash Focus and a DS

We were just about to stuff Nintendo's Flash Focus vision game into the snake oil file when White Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski revealed he actually improved his hitting through daily use of the software. Like many of the White Sox batters last year, Pierzynski stunk, and to come around he played Flash Focus in the off season. Now, one week into the 2008 schedule, the hapless catcher has two home runs, a .529 average and a team-leading seven RBIs. And just in case Pierzynski's knees give out, as catcher's knees are wont to do, we're sure he's well aware of the fact that surgeons are busy with Nintendo training of their own using the company's other hardware, the Wii. [The Chicago Sun-Times]


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