It's New York Comic Con next week, and you know what that means? Oodles of lovely exclusive toys to gaze at (and then lament that any you actually want you'll probably end up paying out the ass for on eBay after the con)! First up in the parade of wonderful toys is Bandai, with lovely Godzilla goodness.

The 6.5" retro-styled toy is a bit smaller than that beefy maquette we saw the other week, but it's still a pretty little Kaiju (although the $40 price tag might be a bit much):

It might not be accurate to 'normal' Godzilla when he's not preparing to blast his foes with his atomic breath, I love the electric blue spines on this toy. It's got a lovely 'pop' to it for a toy.

It's not all that Bandai are bringing to NYCC though - Sentai fans have this shiny Tokyo Vinyl figure of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers' Metallic Green Ranger to look forward to:


As well as some... Power Rangers keys?

They're for a Power Rangers morpher toy that's sold separately, but still, what a strange thing. They look kinda neat!


New York Comic Con runs October 9th to October 12th.

[Images via Toy News International]

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