Godzilla may have barely featured in his titular comeback earlier this year, but when he did show up, he was a pretty fabulous looking Kaiju - and this new statue from Sideshow really shows him off in all his glory.


Standing at around 2 foot tall and weighing in at 35lbs, the Maquette might be teeny compared to the massive MUTO of the film, but for a display piece it's still a pretty massive hunk of polystone. And what a beautiful hunk of Polystone it is! Godzilla may have skimped on giving us much of a look at the new design, but at least this lets us bask in its hulking beauty.

But the scale and weight aren't the only big things about this new model, the price tag is too - if you want a Godzilla of your very own when Sideshow starts shipping them in July of next year, you'll have to throw down a whopping $800 for the privilege. And that's without shipping!

The things we do for the Monsters we love.

[Sideshow Collectibles]

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