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One thing I know about Danish-owned Bang&Olufsen: Everything they make looks really, really good (even monkey enjoy the delicious phones they make). So hearing that Samsung has partnered with the high-end consumer gadgets company to produce a phone, made me squeal with delight. Almost. And that's mainly cause I haven't seen it yet. So I may still squeal. These new phones won't have all the techie bells and whistles, according to B&O's CEO, but will just look stunningly good. He believes simple=better for business clients who don't need to send blurry images to their friends or download the latest 50 Cent ringtone. I tend to agree, so I'm looking forward to this down-to-earth, good-looking handset. Oh, and did I fail to mention that the phone will be launching in Europe, with no immediate plans to hit the US? Holding on line 1, as usual.

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