Barack Obama Follows Erotic Website On Twitter

Celebrity Sideboob is a website dedicated to one thing only: post images of celebrities showing the bare sides of their breasts. It's quite erotic, but it doesn't show hardcore images (although you can see nipples sometimes). The site posts its updates on Twitter. Surprisingly, one of its followers is Barack Obama.

Yes, the real Twitter account of Obama himself.

The site contains all sorts of images. From side views of bare breasts to frontal views of barely covered breasts and images of breasts showing nipples.

Of course, this doesn't mean that Obama himself is at the other side of his iPad, glassy eyed, avidly awaiting each of Celebrity Sideboob's updates on Twitter. It means that someone—whoever that is—subscribed to Celebrity Sideboob's Twitter account from Obama's Twitter account.

@sidebooborg is one of the 679,951 people that Obama follows on Twitter. Barack Obama's account is mostly updated by one or various staffers from the Obama 2012 campaign.

The President also uses that account to personally tweet sometimes. Whenever that happens, he signs the tweets with his own name. [Sideboob (NSFW), Twitter via Buzzfeed]

Here's a screenshot showing Obama's certified tween account as one of the followers of the Celebrity Sideboob.


And here are some samples from the site:


Cameron Diaz showing her left nipple on this shot.


Lindsay Lohan.


Diaz again, with a transparent blouse.


Lucy Pinder's assets.

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