Barack Obama's Bulletproof Inaugural Suit

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Jesse Jackson choked on his sandwich on CNN when Barack got out of the Beast and walked in the open, unprotected air. Thankfully, the reverend could have relaxed: BHO was wearing a bullet-resistant suit.


That's according to the law enforcement junkies at, who are carrying a McClatchy-Tribune story that quotes law enforcement officials saying Obama would wear "bullet-resistant clothing" for the inauguration.

While this could just mean some standard kevlar, we agree with our friends over at Slate's Explainer that it's much more fun to hypothesize an actual bullet-resistant suit, tailored to Obama's exacting standards. Slate points to the wares engineered by the intrepid Miguel Caballero-the Colombian designer known for dressing international journalists in his anti-assasination fashions and then firing guns at them.

I'm assuming Barack's test fitting wasn't quite so dramatic. But hey, bullet proof clothing-from the Medellín mean streets to Washington! [Slate]

Update: The Vice TV guys, makers of fine hipster travelogues, wrote in to remind us that they've been shot by Miguel too. More good stuff.

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