Batman Begins "Tumbler" Batmobile Reviewed (Verdict: Dark and Kind of Bad)

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Like the movie, the Batman Begins "Tumbler" Batmobile kind of disappoints while still being very cool. Both the film and the RC toy are dark, brooding, well-made, and interesting to look at. Also, like Christian Bale, the Tumbler has a limited range and takes too many batteries. A quote from the review:

If your idea of a remote control car is something you have to constantly run after, then you'll love the Tumbler - until it hits wet grass, that is. It would seem that the rear wheel drive would be enough to push it across wet grass, however the wheels just spun and spun like a crazed monkey on a Sit and Spin, going nowhere.

"Like a crazed monkey on a Sit and Spin." Sheer poetry. Generally, this is a monster RC car that looks great but has some issues.

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