Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome may get demoted back to being a webseries

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No new Battlestar Galactica on your television screens? That's a possibility, according to AOL TV's Maureen Ryan. Syfy is considering turning its latest Battlestar Galactica prequel, Blood and Chrome, back into a webseries.


When Blood and Chrome was originally commissioned, back in July 2010, the plan was for it to be a webseries of nine or ten episodes of around 10 minutes each, shot in greenscreen. Then, around the time Syfy pulled the plug on Caprica, the network decided to air Blood and Chrome as a TV movie — and as a possible backdoor pilot that could lead to a new series.

Now Syfy has seen an early cut of the TV movie, without most of the visual effects completed — and they're thinking of turning it back into a webseries, the network's EVP Mark Stern told Ryan. Stern said that a decision on Blood and Chrome's release date was not imminent, and it was still a possibility that they would air it as a TV movie/backdoor pilot. But they're seriously considering transforming it back into a series of webisodes. (It's a bad sign that Syfy doesn't automatically consider this production as worthy of TV-movie status as, say, Killer Mountain. Or Mega-Python Vs. Gatoroid. Etc. etc.)

Blood and Chrome follows William Adama as a young man, fighting in the first Cylon war and learning the hard lessons of combat and sacrifice. He's ordered to escort a young woman, who turns out to know some vitally important Cylon secrets. We read a ton of script pages a while back and we were pretty happy with the BSG-ish feel of the thing. But on the other hand, an argument could be made for letting the BSG universe stay off the air for a few years, so it could be brought back with a bigger bang down the line. That could be part of the calculation that's going on here. [AOL TV]



As someone who worked on V, I can say that the whole greenscreen everything is very hard to do, and do well. I felt we pulled off about 40% of our shots. B&C has been in production for almost a year and they are still seeing a pilot with unfinished effects tells me they've already spent a shitload of cash and to try and take it to series would be a bottomless pit of expenses for a network that is actually killing acclaimed shows that aren't 100% CG.