BCM WLAN800 WiFi Skype Phone

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Yet another Skype VoIP phone from the bowels of Computex over in the balmy capital of Taiwan, Taipei. This BCM WiFi phone has 802.11 b/g, miniUSB, a 240x320 screen and a built in media player. More importantly, it supports Skype, SIP, MSN Talk and MSN Messenger.


This phone, unlike the Netgear Skype WiFi phone, supports WEP and WPA, something many people have been complaining about. If a WiFi Phone does NOT support WEP and WPA, you'll have to leave your home WiFi unprotected, plus, you can't take this to say, a Starbucks, where you have to authenticate to use the WiFi.


This phone supports WEP and WPA, but we're not sure if it has a web browser in order to go through the process of paying for WiFi and accessing it at Starbucks. The Netgear phone supports WEP and WPA but there's no way to get online at a Starbucks when it uses the transparent proxy to redirect you to a sign-in page when you try to access their WiFi. The WLAN800 does support "major hotspot companies such as T-Mobile", so it's possible.

The WLAN800 will be available from BCM in July.

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